About the Foundation of Light

The Foundation of Light is a Spiritual Center for meditation, healing and study.

The Foundation of Light is a spiritual center for meditation.

The study and regular practice of meditation, as an aid to the expansion of consciousness and self-realization, is a fundamental part of all Foundation of Light activities. Attend our Sunday morning meditations, participate in seasonal celebrations and ceremonies, and meditate in the powerful Ellis Hollow Stone Circle.

The Foundation of Light is a spiritual center for healing.

The founders of the Foundation of Light, John and Kate Payne, along with Mabel DeMotte Beggs, were experts in many forms of ancient healing techniques. Learn their powerful healing techniques as well as healing methods of leading contemporary practitioners and experts that we bring to the Foundation of Light to give talks and lead workshops.

The Foundation of Light is a spiritual center for study.

The Kate and John Payne School of Ancient Wisdom will introduce you to powerful healing techniques and tools and give you the opportunity to learn dowsing, how to communicate with Devas and other spiritual beings, and show you how to bring your vision and needs to fruition.

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