Programs at the Foundation of Light

In order to address the individual as a whole, we have two schools within our programming, The Kate and John Payne School of Ancient Wisdom and The School of Practical Particulars.

Our School of Ancient Wisdom focuses on ancient techniques addressing the inner, spiritual life (such as astrology classes and dream work), while the School of Practical Particulars provides students and workshop attendees with tools necessary to live more healthy and fulfilled lives in terms of practical day-to-day, hands-on skills (think soap making, soil prep for gardening) for the outer and more grounded self. This pairing helps bring us into harmony and completeness so we present a unified and whole being as intended.

In addition to these two schools, we have ongoing weekly and monthly programming such as Sunday Morning Meditation and Dances of Universal Peace in which you may choose to participate.

Be sure to check our calendar often to find workshops and presentations that meet your needs for study and healing in a heartfelt community!

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